Mercy Revival - Tips for Revival Success
Mercy Revival - Mercy For the Addicts, Revival For God's People!
Tips for Revival Success
In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.
The Church:
Mercy Revival Purposes to:
  • Take down the walls of the church and cross denominational lines.
  • Hold consistent weekly intercessory prayer meetings welcoming the community of believers.  Remember, your strongest prayer warrior may be a child.
  • Repent for your lack of participation in providing a solution for the drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Walk transparently before God and one another.
  • Listen to the voice of Our Lord and Savior and be obedient.
  • Pray for the Mercy Revival leaders and the issues they present.
  • Engage pastors in weekly meetings asking for revival.
  • Provide spiritual warfare training.
  • Seek 12 step faith based training for your church such as Living Free, a Teen Challenge course.
  • As the need for additional prayer meetings grow, divide the county into regions that hold weekly meetings.  Once a month all county locations should continue to meet in one central location to feed each other spiritually, share ideas and to fellowship.
  • Cry out in prayer by name for those held captive.
  • Pray without ceasing for transformation revival in our county, state, and country.
  • Invite your family, friends, co-workers, and your community to join Mercy Revival.
  • Develop programs for all ages that encourage attendance, membership, and the continuation of their hunger for Jesus.
  • Encourage Mercy Revival leaders to take annual retreats to spend time discerning God’s plan for them.
  • Cultivate a hunger for the presence of God.  The process of transforming revival is triggered when our appetite for God’s presence trumps all other hungers.
  • Don’t give up as it will take time.  You cannot let the circumstances of your life interfere.  The enemy will use them to distract you from your purpose.
The Community:
Suggestions for Community Involvement: 
  • Pray with all community leaders once a week, bi-monthly, or monthly including but not limited to Mayor, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Sheriff, and Superintendent of School. 
  • Host monthly breakfast meetings with city leaders and the Mercy Revival prayer team.
  • Pray with captives at local jails or juvenile centers.
  • Pray with family of captives.
  • Set aside a safe haven for students who wish to start their day with prayer.
Remember, God is faithful, and with God all things are possible!
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