Mercy Revival - Purpose Statement
Mercy Revival - Mercy For the Addicts, Revival For God's People!
Purpose Statement

But now are they many members, yet but one body.
Our purpose is to work together in a united effort, putting aside religious denominations and racial bias while calling for God’s mercy.   A committed, consistent, coordinated prayer will be scheduled and held as we ask for God’s mercy and grace to release our people from the captivity of drug and alcohol addiction. We call for each community’s spiritual leaders, to become involved in organized prayer asking for wisdom, direction and the resources to facilitate:
  • Revival that brings transformation and hope to the lives of those impacted by addiction and abuse.
  • Aide/assistance for captives and their families.
  • Community support programs and events.
  • Economic renewals that will help the recovering addict find reasonable housing and jobs.
  • Mentoring, coaching and counseling to break the cycle of addiction and restore family relationship and foster lifestyle change.
Our goal is to provide each of you with a list of resources within the counties that have agreed to assist in Mercy Revival, and to connect you with clergy who have volunteered to partner with you in time of spiritual need. We believe God can redeem your life, your child’s life, or anyone else’s life while here on earth.  Join us for Mercy Revival.   
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No matter the addiction you or someone else may be facing he (GOD) is our stronghold. Addiction is more than just drugs or alcohol, it can also be depression, anger, guilt or anything that has control...
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