Mercy Revival - Prayer Points
Mercy Revival - Mercy For the Addicts, Revival For God's People!
Prayer Points for Mercy Revival

 “They should always pray and not give up.”  

  • Thank the Lord that He delights in answering our prayers.
  • A spirit of repentance in The Body of Christ.
  • Unity of the Body of Christ.
  • Revival in our communities, our county, our state, and our country.
  • Revelation of a living God through transformation.
  • Social, economic, and spiritual transformation.
  • That light destroys the lies of the enemy, and exposes the darkness.
  • A relentless spirit and obedience among the Christians to finish what God has asked us to do. 
  • More laborers into God’s harvest fields.
  • A yielding experience that changes the addict desire.
  • That light penetrates the hearts of the drug dealers, the doctors, the pharmacies, the addicts, and our leaders.
  • Generational curses are lifted.
  • Salvation of those bound by addiction.
  • Deliverance of those bound by addiction.
  • Programs, mentors, and The Body of Christ to come up beside those newly freed from addictions.
  • Release for cooperation between state government, county, city, and faith based organizations.
  • Divine intervention by The Holy Spirit, and His Spirit to infuse our people and our state.
  • The people of West Virginia to pursue God’s promises for our people and our state.
  • Training and strategy from God for us to use in spiritual warfare.
  • Continue to pray for Israel and the persecuted church.
  • P.U.S.H. – Pray Until Something Happens. . . until we are successful in taking back our lives and our people from satan’s control.

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